How Colorectal Cancer became Clint Cummings Legacy of Hope


How do you define a hero?  Some would say it’s the soldier standing guard, others it’s the police and fireman, or the parent giving their life saving a child.  All of these people have one thing in common:  They are common people facing extraordinary circumstances.  Here the hero is a person who shows you how to live in the face of adversity.

Clint Cummings was on the top of his game:  An amazing tattoo artist who owned his own shop Sparrows Tattoo, alumni of Spike Ink Master’s second and with a hit television show, Tattoo Nightmares Miami. On January 1st 2016, all of that came to a sudden stop when he was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer. 

When someone mentions Colorectal Cancer, most people think about a man in his mid-fifties or later and not someone like Clint who was only thirty-five. Colorectal cancer was exactly the announcement when Clint went onto his Instagram January 30 to announce to the world his diagnosis.  That was also when his friends and family started pushing his legacy forward without even realizing it. 

Chonna and Zac “lefty” Colbert started making calls and did the near impossible task of planning and pulling off a benefit.  The day started with the throaty roar of two dozen or more motorcycles as Clint’s mother Renee “Nay Nay” Cummings pulled into the lot of a strip mall Sunday, February 28th 2016.  For at least five minutes the stream of bikes rolled in and parked in orderly lines outside Zac “lefty” Colbert’s Infamous Ink tattoos


The crowds started lining up outside the door ninety minutes before the door opened and wouldn’t stop until after 9 pm.  Inside the shop every artist station was filled including the piercing station as people flowed in as their numbers were called. The whole event had the air of a carnival and tattoo convention combined with bands entertaining the crowds and a BBQ tent set up to feed them.  Chonna and Lefty are a shining example of what many people aspire to and at the end of the benefit raised over $21,000 for Clint.

#StrongArmSelfie earns @fightCRC $1 every share

#StrongArmSelfie earns @fightCRC $1 every share

It sounds like another one of those internet myths but this time it’s true.  Bayer Healthcare,  has signed on with Fight CRC to donate $1 for every #strongarmselfie up to 25,000 selfies.  That’s $25,000 dollars just in case you missed it.  One of the most important missions of Fight CRC is to educate people about colorectal cancer and help survivors, their families, friends and caretakers connect with others and have their questions answered.  Please take a moment, take a selfie, and share it so we can continue to march forward and sponsor research that will let us leave this crap behind us.

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I’m Rad and So Are You!

I’m Rad and So Are You!

Have you ever felt like you were the only one suffering?  Maybe you have been depressed or suffered from anxiety.  Robbie Ripoll started the I’m Rad Movement to help deal with such strong negatives in a person’s life out of a desire to help others even as he sought a more positive life.

Robbie is an accomplished tattoo artist who has also participated in Ink Master during season 5 where his difficulties with his brother Jayvo Scott were highlighted as part of the Rivals theme of the season.  Those negative emotions coupled with his weight and health issues are the impetus of the I’m Rad Movement where Robbie has pushed his grass roots movement to help others understand that they are not alone.

The I’m Rad Movement is one of several things Robbie Ripoll has going on and The Twisted Tattoo Collector podcast will have all the details, plus my incredible new tattoo he did while I was in Lafayette to interview Robbie.  Make sure you tune in and listen to the all new podcast airing August 16th right here.

In case you didn’t already know You’re Rad and there are others out there dealing with the exact same issues you are and who want to help you through it.

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Biomarked is officially part of Clint Cummings Legacy.

This week Fight Colo-Rectal Cancer announced their new program BIOMARKED would be dedicated to Clint Cummings.  This was another chapter in the incredible legacy Clint leaves behind.  His shop, Sparrows Tattoo, is now run by his mother and father Renee and Lenny Cummings and they

have dedicated themselves to colo-rectal cancer advocacy.


The Biomarker program seeks to help patients of colo-rectal cancer fight a more precision fight by identifying the genetic mutations of the patient’s cancer.  This method of identification allows doctors to better customize a treatment plan and increase the patients chances of success.


Clint’s mother Renee “Nay Nay” Cummings was proud to participate in this program and said “This was important to Clint.  He always wanted to be remembered and I think he’d be proud.”


Remember to always consult your physician and not just “listen” to some guy on the internet.  The Twisted Tattoo Collector wants you to be informed and most importantly wants you to succeed.  Be informed and participate in your own healthcare.



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Save the Booty y’all!

Preparing for a Colonoscopy doesn’t have to be scary.

Preparing for a Colonoscopy doesn’t have to be scary.

Following instructions is important and you should always refer your questions to your medical professional.  Information here is provided to help people be more informed and to provide the ability to ask better questions.

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Colonoscopy is one of those words that invokes dread.  Most of the time the tests are done while under anesthesia but prep.  Dear lord the horror stories around prep just ooze out of the internet. Like the internet these tales are more inflated than is really necessary.  It’s time to look at prep as a necessity that when done properly makes sure your test goes well and isn’t that the real point here?



This is one of those questions you’ll find a lot of different answers to.  Prep begins the moment you and your doctor schedule your test.  One of the first things you’ll find while searching the internet is the seeming agreement between people who have experienced a colonoscopy is you should begin by softening your meals a few days before the actual prep.  Chicken, rice, soups and other light fare should be your meals of choice since these will pass through better and create less work for your body once you begin to fully evacuate your bowels with the prep kit.




Twitter user KimsGuts shared a blog about prep from Brita suffering from crohns disease.  Brita has used four different preps for her tests over the years and offers several suggestions on how to survive prep night.  One constant thing is no matter which prep method you may be using the goal is the same; clearing your bowels for the test.


You will spend a good amount of time drinking the prep and sitting in the bathroom.  This is where your iPad, charger and headphones can come in handy.  Since you will probably not want to stray too far from the toilet you can have some entertainment to try and distract you.


Most importantly you are clearing the old plumbing out so what can you do to help with the nagging hunger and get a little flavor going over those tastebuds?  Try Plain gelatin and fruit juices so you can make your own Jell-o.  Food dye in colors Red, Blue, and Purple are forbidden during prep so you are much better off making your own flavors.  Of course, the juices you use for the gelatin can also be drunk during prep to help you get by.




Be honest with yourself and be more like Larry in the video.  Detecting cancer early is the most direct route to beating it and a colonoscopy is certainly a better choice than the alternative.  Understand that you can do this and that there are millions of people, most of whom you don’t even know, out there pulling for your success.


Two of the best prep sites:

Colon Cancer Alliance