This week Fight Colo-Rectal Cancer announced their new program BIOMARKED would be dedicated to Clint Cummings.  This was another chapter in the incredible legacy Clint leaves behind.  His shop, Sparrows Tattoo, is now run by his mother and father Renee and Lenny Cummings and they

have dedicated themselves to colo-rectal cancer advocacy.


The Biomarker program seeks to help patients of colo-rectal cancer fight a more precision fight by identifying the genetic mutations of the patient’s cancer.  This method of identification allows doctors to better customize a treatment plan and increase the patients chances of success.


Clint’s mother Renee “Nay Nay” Cummings was proud to participate in this program and said “This was important to Clint.  He always wanted to be remembered and I think he’d be proud.”


Remember to always consult your physician and not just “listen” to some guy on the internet.  The Twisted Tattoo Collector wants you to be informed and most importantly wants you to succeed.  Be informed and participate in your own healthcare.



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