Last week’s post covered some of the prevention aspects of Colorectal Cancer and included a provocative title.  That title #FuckCancer is a hashtag that was taken to viral status by Yael Cohen Braun and grew out of control as she merged with #F*ckCancer to form a single 501(c) entity which targets Generation Connected (gen C).  Yael has had great luck with an irreverent and shocking attitude that grabs the rapid pace of modern social media and gains folllwers, reaction and momentum with every post.


Yael is joined by the originator of #F*ckCancer Julie Greenbaum who was also generating content and teaching about cancer in all its forms.  This movement is visceral and while some don’t understand the vulgar name and are even revolted by the language it stands as a battle cry.  Cancer doesn’t discriminate and most people know someone who has been affected.


What it means as a battle cry is unification of purpose in facing a real live monster in our midst.  This hashtag crosses every boundary known to man.  It affects people no matter their sex, their skin color.  It doesn’t care about sexual preference or religion.  Cancer simply kills and organizations like Fuck Cancer are standing at the forefront driving dollars into research and sharing stories of triumph over the disease.


Yael Cohen Braun’s message began from her mothers breast cancer diagnoses and shares the same goals as it did on its founding in 2009.  Her goal was to entice people to discuss and learn more about the disease and to foster a dialogue with younger individuals whose lives were affected by cancer.


During Clint Cummings fight against colorectal cancer the hashtag became a challenge in the face of the disease calling his family, friends and fans attention to a cancer that is actually less attractive than other cancers.  Breast cancer has save the tatas, pink ribbons and walks and colorectal has… well, a rectum.  Who wants to talk about that?


Clint inspired everyone around him and embraced everything that was going on.  After his first surgery he was wearing a colostomy bag and facing the fact he may never remove it.  Did it get him down?  Of course not.  He strapped it on and agreed to an interview with 24/7 magazine where he did a cover shoot with the bag in plain sight.


Clints family shoulder the burden of living after the disease has taken him.  They do so with memories and advocacy.  Still reaching out and helping others.  His mother Renee still shares videos, raises money and shares her pain and experiences with others.  This is how cancer will ultimately be beaten and the true definition of #fuckCancer.