Villain Arts Philadelphia

 Troy Timpel is perhaps the premier showman of the tattoo industry and Villain Arts Philadelphia is the pinnacle other tattoo conventions hope to reach.  The experience of the Philadelphia show is ephemeral.  It combines Legends like Lyle Tuttle and Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand with the top artists from the tattoo community and shows like Ink Masters, Tattoo Nightmares and Black Ink Crew.  The artists are joined by some of the most amazing sideshow acts in the nation. 

Ink Masters Tattoo Expo – Odessa TX March 2017

Texas has it’s fair share of tattoo conventions and Ray Hernandez operates the Ink Masters Tattoo Expo’s in and recently expanded to Puerto Rico and this year will go to Anchorage, AK.  These shows bring together national and international artists along with incredible local artists to share some of the best work you’ll find in Texas.


Lubbock Tattoo Expo