January 30th 2016 Clint Cummings shared a video on his Instagram account where he was laying in a bed, looking at the camera and shuffling through index cards.  He used those cards to announce to the world he had been diagnosed with colorectal cancer.  During his announcement, Clint made it evident that he would fight the disease which is the second most deadly cancer and the most preventable.

Prevention is possible


Prevention of colorectal cancer begins with you and it can be a difficult and embarrassing issue.  The first task is knowing your body and knowing your bowel movements.  What all this means is you look for signs and discuss them with your doctor even if you are uncomfortable with the subject.  One of the first signs is changes in your bowel movements that don’t go away.  These changes can be things like constipation or diarrhea that last longer than a common cold.


Another sign can be the inability to clear your bowels even after you have finished your bowel movement.  This is a lot like the aforementioned constipation except you can go to the bathroom but you never quite feel like you have finished.


Bloody stools and rectal cramping are two symptoms you should discuss with your doctor immediately.  They are fairly obvious indicators something is wrong and should not be ignored.  This can also lead to or include pinched off, pencil thin stools.


Bloating, unexplained weight loss and fatigue are also indicators that you should discuss with your physician.  Often a simple blood test or stool test can be the next step to indicate a need for further testing.


How Do I Find Out?


Doctors have several testing options to determine the presence of cancer.  There is of course the colonoscopy, which everyone has heard of and makes most people uncomfortable, a test which can discover the precancerous polyps that lead to colorectal cancer and safely remove them.  This exam has a high success rate in the fight against colorectal cancer.


Flexible Sigmoidoscopy is a less invasive test that can also predict colon and colorectal cancer.  This test allows for tissue biopsy and visible inspection for polyps of other indicators.



The author of the Twisted Tattoo Collector was friends with Clint Cummings and is carrying on the fight against this killer.  If you or someone you are close to is experiencing these symptoms please utilize any and all resources this website makes available and remember #FUCKCANCER.