How do you define a hero?  Some would say it’s the soldier standing guard, others it’s the police and fireman, or the parent giving their life saving a child.  All of these people have one thing in common:  They are common people facing extraordinary circumstances.  Here the hero is a person who shows you how to live in the face of adversity.

Clint Cummings was on the top of his game:  An amazing tattoo artist who owned his own shop Sparrows Tattoo, alumni of Spike Ink Master’s second and with a hit television show, Tattoo Nightmares Miami. On January 1st 2016, all of that came to a sudden stop when he was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer. 

When someone mentions Colorectal Cancer, most people think about a man in his mid-fifties or later and not someone like Clint who was only thirty-five. Colorectal cancer was exactly the announcement when Clint went onto his Instagram January 30 to announce to the world his diagnosis.  That was also when his friends and family started pushing his legacy forward without even realizing it. 

Chonna and Zac “lefty” Colbert started making calls and did the near impossible task of planning and pulling off a benefit.  The day started with the throaty roar of two dozen or more motorcycles as Clint’s mother Renee “Nay Nay” Cummings pulled into the lot of a strip mall Sunday, February 28th 2016.  For at least five minutes the stream of bikes rolled in and parked in orderly lines outside Zac “lefty” Colbert’s Infamous Ink tattoos


The crowds started lining up outside the door ninety minutes before the door opened and wouldn’t stop until after 9 pm.  Inside the shop every artist station was filled including the piercing station as people flowed in as their numbers were called. The whole event had the air of a carnival and tattoo convention combined with bands entertaining the crowds and a BBQ tent set up to feed them.  Chonna and Lefty are a shining example of what many people aspire to and at the end of the benefit raised over $21,000 for Clint.