Have you ever felt like you were the only one suffering?  Maybe you have been depressed or suffered from anxiety.  Robbie Ripoll started the I’m Rad Movement to help deal with such strong negatives in a person’s life out of a desire to help others even as he sought a more positive life.

Robbie is an accomplished tattoo artist who has also participated in Ink Master during season 5 where his difficulties with his brother Jayvo Scott were highlighted as part of the Rivals theme of the season.  Those negative emotions coupled with his weight and health issues are the impetus of the I’m Rad Movement where Robbie has pushed his grass roots movement to help others understand that they are not alone.

The I’m Rad Movement is one of several things Robbie Ripoll has going on and The Twisted Tattoo Collector podcast will have all the details, plus my incredible new tattoo he did while I was in Lafayette to interview Robbie.  Make sure you tune in and listen to the all new podcast airing August 16th right here.

In case you didn’t already know You’re Rad and there are others out there dealing with the exact same issues you are and who want to help you through it.

Join the Instagram today and share your story.  Need more info contact the Twisted Tattoo Collector Doug@IAmTwisted.net

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