Following instructions is important and you should always refer your questions to your medical professional.  Information here is provided to help people be more informed and to provide the ability to ask better questions.

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Colonoscopy is one of those words that invokes dread.  Most of the time the tests are done while under anesthesia but prep.  Dear lord the horror stories around prep just ooze out of the internet. Like the internet these tales are more inflated than is really necessary.  It’s time to look at prep as a necessity that when done properly makes sure your test goes well and isn’t that the real point here?



This is one of those questions you’ll find a lot of different answers to.  Prep begins the moment you and your doctor schedule your test.  One of the first things you’ll find while searching the internet is the seeming agreement between people who have experienced a colonoscopy is you should begin by softening your meals a few days before the actual prep.  Chicken, rice, soups and other light fare should be your meals of choice since these will pass through better and create less work for your body once you begin to fully evacuate your bowels with the prep kit.




Twitter user KimsGuts shared a blog about prep from Brita suffering from crohns disease.  Brita has used four different preps for her tests over the years and offers several suggestions on how to survive prep night.  One constant thing is no matter which prep method you may be using the goal is the same; clearing your bowels for the test.


You will spend a good amount of time drinking the prep and sitting in the bathroom.  This is where your iPad, charger and headphones can come in handy.  Since you will probably not want to stray too far from the toilet you can have some entertainment to try and distract you.


Most importantly you are clearing the old plumbing out so what can you do to help with the nagging hunger and get a little flavor going over those tastebuds?  Try Plain gelatin and fruit juices so you can make your own Jell-o.  Food dye in colors Red, Blue, and Purple are forbidden during prep so you are much better off making your own flavors.  Of course, the juices you use for the gelatin can also be drunk during prep to help you get by.




Be honest with yourself and be more like Larry in the video.  Detecting cancer early is the most direct route to beating it and a colonoscopy is certainly a better choice than the alternative.  Understand that you can do this and that there are millions of people, most of whom you don’t even know, out there pulling for your success.


Two of the best prep sites:

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